February 2018
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We did do some showing in 2016 with wonderful results.

"Jamie" Nitelatches The Blacklist earned his championship going BOB from the classes and onto a group 4th.
The very next show "Jamie" won the Group. Co-owner Bonnie Taylor (Bonnyville Shelties) and I where thrilled.

"Marcus" Bonnyville's Leading Man garnered 9 points toward his championship and he will be out in 2017 to try for that last point.

I am now on the bottom half of the Sporting Group and hope to finish in 2017.

I wish all my family and friends a happy, healthy 2017!

See you at the shows.


June 19, 2016...at the Monarch Kennel Club show "Jamie" Nitelatches The Blacklist, is awarded Winners Dog to finish. "Jamie" was handled by Bonnie Taylor (Bonnyville Shelties). and I got to take him back in where he was awarded Best of Breed and Group 4. Thank you judge Kim Leblanc.

As a special in the afternoon show "Jamie" won the group under judge

Bob Whitney.....we are on cloud 9


February 7, 2016....a new batch of puppies has arrived. Visit our litter's page to find out more !!

Kindly post this to Litters page along with both photo's

"Ryan" and "Miley" babies have arrived. These babies are the first for both sire and dam and have an outstanding pedigree. We have 2 boys and 3 girls !!

January 30 2016.....puppies have arrived !!
Visit our Litter's page to see who had babies


We managed to get a championship on our boy River" Nitelatches Dealers Choice. River is #4 for his sire Ch Linspan Nitelatches Pokerstar and #4 for his dam Bonnyville Nitelatches Timeless. Sister "Miley" Nitelatches Its About Time managed to pick up 7 points. "Jamie" Nitelatches The Blacklist managed to pick up 8 points and will be out in 2016 to try and capture those last 2 points.

Cn Nitelatches The Matrix is now at the rainbow bridge 13 June 2002- 2 July 2015.

I had a number of judging assignments and was able to get a good start on my permit numbers in Sporting. Thank you to Essex Kennel Club and  Elora Kennel Club for making this possible. Be good to one another, may all your wishes come true in 2016...

See you at the shows !!


December 4, 5, 2015 "Jamie" Nitelatches The Blacklist is awarded Best of Winners by judge Cheryl Paterson and Best of Breed by

judge Kristi Francis...he is now on 8 points.

Sired by Ch Nitelatches The Mentalist x Ch Nitelatches Vallegems Vision


May 2015 Miley was awared Best of Winners and Best Puppy In Group
under Judge Deb Graffman

  May 2015 "River" is pictured at 13 months of age completing his championship!
  February 13, 2015...Nitelatches Its About Time "Miley" is awarded Best of Winners and Puppy Group at the Ontario Breeders Show. Thank you to judge Deb Graffmann and thanks to Cheryl Pike for taking Miley in for BPIS... "Miley" is sired by Ch Linspans Nitelatches Pokerstar out of Bonnyville Nitelatches Timeles
  February 6, 7, 2015...at the Wildwood Kennel Club show "River" Nitelatches Dealers Choice is awarded Winners Dog under Wendy Schira and Best of Winners under Doug Windsor
  January 24, 2015...we are pleased to announce the arrival of 6 new puppies, 4 boys and 2 girls...visit our LITTERS page to find out more


We are pleased to announce that "Daniel" Ch Linspans Nitelatches Pokerstar had three offspring complete their Championships: 1) Ch Nitelatches Valleygems Vision 2) BPIG Ch Wight's Silver Arrow 3) BPIS Ch Nitelatches Party Favour

Unfortunately we lost our beloved boy "Mister" Ch Grandgables Sharp Dressed Man. "Mister" was Taylor's soulmate dog, he saw her through her youngest years as a junior handler. He will be missed!

The year ended on a positive note. We had a litter of 4 born on December 31, 2014. Sired by Ch Nitelatches The Mentalist out of Ch Nitelatches Valleygems Vision.

On a personal note I completed by permit assignments on Group 3 so 2015 will see me striving and working on Group 1...thank you to all who have helped me along the way

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2015

  December 31, 2014....a new litter to end the year. We have 4 new puppies, all tri's, 3 boys and 1 girl. Sired by Ch Nitelatches The Mentalist out of Ch Nitelatches Valleygems Vision.
  December 5, 7, 2014....Brantford Kennel Club show "River"  Nitelatches Dealers Choice picks up his first points from the Junior Puppy class. Thanks to judges Anna Hewson and Janet Lobb.River" is sired by Ch Linspans Nitelatches Pokerstar out of Bonnyville Nitelatches Timeles. River
  August 15, 2014....at the St Catharines Kennel Club Show "Token" Nitelatches Party Favour is awarded BPIS. Thank you judge Brian Taylor and to Taylor Stevenson for guiding Token to this wonderful win !!
  June 27, 2014..."Token" Nitelatches Party Favour attended the Hamilton Kennel Club show and was awarded BEST OF BREED from the Junior Puppy Class. Thank you to judge Fred Dewsbury for this wonderful win Sire: Ch Linspans Nitelatches Pokerstar out of Nitelatches Party Of One 2nd
  June 5, 6, 7, 2014...at the Erie Shores Kennel Club Show "Vision"
was awarded Best of Winners under judges Ms P Nemirovsky and Anna Hewson and the a Best of Breed and Group 2 under Robert Frost to finish. "Vision" is now Ch Nitelatches Valleygems Vision.
Sire: Ch Linspans Nitelatches Pokerstar out of Nitelatches Ruby Tuesday
  May 1, 2014 ~ Litter of Three born!
Ch Bonnyville's High Hopes x Ch Nitelatches Duchess Of Wight


We managed to add two new champions this year "Patrick" and "Katie". They are littermates sired by Ch Nitelatches Grandgables Ironman out of Bonnyville Nitelatches Timeles.

On February 2, 2013 Nitelatches The Mentalist "Patrick" completed his championship, beautifully presented by Taylor Stevenson.

May 2013 I stepped into the ring and managed to get the last points on "Katie" Nitelatches Duchess Of Wight to complete her championship. Congratulations to co-owner Deborah Hodges.

On a personal level I completed my Group 3 permit for the top half of the group and now working on the bottom half. Hopefully will be licensed for Group 3 by the end of 2014....

The year did not end well for me as I lost my best friend. On November 17, 2013 my dearest friend Linda Millman Robertson passed away very suddenly. I miss her so much, that beautiful smile....

I hope that 2014 brings happiness to all and I am sure my friend will watch over me as I continue my judging career, a path that she put me on

  April 5, 6, 7, 2013 ~ Norfolk Kennel Club Show
"Katie" Nitelatches Duchess Of Wightis awarded Best of Winners under John Ross and then Best of Breed & Group 3 under Valerie Gervais
  February 2, 2013... Nitelatches The Mentalist "Patrick" completes his championship. Thank you to judges Wendy Schira and Wayne Thompson andhandler Taylor Stevenson...
  January 23, 2013 puppies arrived....we have 1 tri boy,
2 tri girls and 3 blue girls....proud parents Ch Linspans Nitelatches Pokerstar out of Nitelatches Ruby Tuesday. This litter was co-bred with Bonnie Bird-Pappelof Valleygem Shelties

The CSSA National Specialty Show was held in Ancaster Ontario this year.
It was a wonderful way to meet up with old friends from across the country and make some new ones.
CH Nitelatchs Grandgables Ironman "Charlie" won the Stud Dog class and we where thrilled.

Overall our year was fairly quiet....we did manage to obtain a championship on "Marley" Nitelatches I Am Legend. We put 7 points on brother "Patrick" Nitelatches The Mentalist and 2 points on sister "Katie" Nitelatches Duchess of Wight co-owned with Deb & Paul Hodges.

Ch Linspans Nitelatches Pokerstar "Daniel" was awarded BEST OF WINNERS for a 5 point major at the Central Ohio Shetland Sheepdog Association Specialty Show. Our thanks to judge James Barrett and handler Cheryl Pike

"Daniel's" first litter arrived July 22, 2012 so look for them in the show ring in 2013

The year did end very saddley as I lost my heart dog "Daisy" MBPIG Ch Nitelatches Driving Miss Daisy (dam of 4 champions)..20 July 2002 to 20 December 2012.

May 2013 to good to all....see you at the shows !!



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